Chikago's Doors

[ 19.2.03 ]


Recordando a Rep�blica.

"It's a crack, I'm back, I'm standing on the rooftops shouting up.. Baby, I'm ready to go!"

"And you find yourself colder than the winter, melting like the snow".

"You're born and then you live, then you die, you get one try and I've tried everything. A cannon's loose you were telling the truth, and I lied - caught offside - so don't say anything."

"My skin creeps, I'd like to sleep, world get up without me... another day taht I hate: just give it up, let me out.. out of here.. faster faster!"

"Everything is useless, everything is stupid, everybody is clueless... nothing's feeling new."

"Everybody's talking about a new beginning. A new science for a brand new century. A message to the future electronic holiday. So let the clock (the world is out now) roll (the sky's falling down)"

"There are no days or nigths, just you and me... and Bruce Lee. We shout we fight, we chase the night... but we disagree Kung Fu Movies."

| Las Rutas de la Salamandra [01:36]

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